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I hope they added some nose and lung cheese to the pizza and some spit to give it some street cred pizza.

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Fast sleek they seek out the enemy to engage at point blank range. BlackCoffeeNoSugar 1, Mar 05, Alexander "Clubber" Williams is spinning in his grave. You won't be smilin on Rikers Island. WasInTheBag 39K Enormous waste of money, I'm surprised Herr Wilhelm lets this happen when times are tight and he could use the saved money for more important things, like handing out gift cards with his picture on them to his constituents. Instead of take-out pizza, there's no reason why the bosses can't dig up some good ol' government cheese and some white bread. Find some old paper bags, bring an iron from home, and you've got the makings of a wonderful grilled cheese party, just like most of them remember from going away to "camp".


Cathetel Apr 24, Aug 10, I really hope Bratton writes a tell all book when he retires. This isn't him, there has to be more to this.

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I am no longer going to sit in meetings where this is discussed. So I ignored the warning not to spend any more time on PizzaTool, kept my head down, and continued to hack away on the TNT version of PizzaTool in my spare time. NeWS would fork off a bunch of light weight PostScript processes to draw each of the toppings, and one more to spin the pizza crust, and they all worked together in harmony to render and cook the toppings and melt the cheese by repeatedly rotating the bitmap image around again and again until the jaggies melted the pixels together. Thanks to the wonder of NeWS, it was easy to spin the crust by dragging the mouse, and then you could check the boxes to sprinkle toppings onto the pizza as it spun around!

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Every time it spins the pixels around the center of the pizza, they become jaggier and jaggier, so it looks like the pizza is cooking. Then I integrated it with other fun NeWS graphical tools and toys like RasterRap, by adding support for dragging and dropping images into your pizza! I left a pizza spinning over Christmas to see what happens, and it was really a mess when I came back!

So I added crisp black text printed over the pizza with a thick white outline around it, so you could easily read the text over the pizza. Fax was just not designed for that kind of computer generated imagery! I finally managed to hypnotize some of the managers at Sun into seeing it my way, with animated spinning pizzas. The spinning pizza feature turned out to be extremely popular, and thoroughly mesmerizing! I sank far too many hours of my mis-spent youth staring into spinning pizzas.

You could even drag and drop images from other NeWS tools like Raster Rap into the pizza as backgrounds or toppings! Then you could drag and drop images from your art collection in to make a Mona Lisa with Mushrooms.

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Demonstration, transcript and close captioning by Don Hopkins. Camera and interview by Abbe Don. Taped at the San Francisco Exploratorium. PizzaTool demo starts at Sorry about the horrible compression and noise! The spinning pizza hypnotized its first manager, and then it started to spread. Sounds good to me Rick. Anything to promote TNT!

Find a Pope in a Pizza

You might want to pick the version with the rotating pizza its really cool. Also, the update on the price per added ingredients should be incorporated. I know these are picky details, but it really makes for a whizzy demo. Finally some people in marketing saw the spinning pizzas, which hypnotized them into helping promote it:. Thats great! How would you like to get pizzatool distributed to Sun customers? I am putting together a demo disc that wil ship with the Sun CD players. The disc will ship in Mid-March.

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Otherwise nothing happens. He wanted to show how integrating fax and audio and email was a good thing, perhaps better than video and stuff like that for the short term. SunWorld, March , page 18, middle of first column.