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Other outlets for black money include real estate, jewelry, informal and cash economies, bullion investments, and more. Investing Essentials. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses.

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Compare Investment Accounts. Black money is the money that people earn with corruption. For your information corruption involves the misuse of the power of high posts. For instance, it involves taking bribes, extra money for free services, etc.

Shell companies as facilitators

Corruption is the main cause of the lack of proper growth of the country. Moreover, money that people having authority earns misusing their powers is black money. Furthermore, these earnings do not have proper documentation. As a result, the people who earn this do not pay income tax. Which is a great offense and the person who does this can be behind bars.

What is Money Laundering and how is it done?

In simple terms, money laundering is converting black money into white money. Also, this is another illegal offense. Furthermore, money laundering also encourages various crimes.

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Because it is the only way criminal can use their money from illegal sources. Money laundering is a crime, and the people who practice it are liable to go to jail.

Therefore the Government is taking various preventive measures to abolish money laundering. To get all the transaction detail of each bank account. As a result, the government comes to know if any transaction is from an illegal source. Also, every bank account has its own KYC Know your Customer this separates different categories of income of people.

Businessmen are in the high-risk category.

Money laundering networks converting black money thrive amid demonetisation

Then comes the people who are on a high post they are in the medium-risk category. Further, the last category is of the Employee sector they are at the lowest risk. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. Congress leader DK Shivakumar accorded tumultuous welcome from supporters in Bengaluru after getting bail in money laundering case.

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Economic Survey lists 'active laundering' methods used for black money during demonetisation

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