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For more information on Tennessee divorce law, see Divorce Basics in in a divorce -- including information on what happens to the family home and how your.

Well Log Tracking System Search for water wells by driller name, property owner name, property description or well key. From the website, "The Division makes NO representation regarding well location, completeness or accuracy of the data in the database or data extraction procedures provided. Harvest Information Databases A group of databases providing information on animals hunted in Alaska. Front page has canned searches which can be selected. From the website, "This website allows educators to easily search Project WILD Curricula, Project Learning Tree and the five volumes of the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum for educational activities by name, state content standard, topic and grade level for fast integration into lesson plans.

Records include an activity description, book name and page number, age groups, educational standards and educational topics. No obvious way to access the books. Alaska District Contact Information Drop down search for school district contact information. Can also browse lesson plans. Alaska Public Schools Database Searchable by school name, district name or Alaskan community name, this database provides contact and enrollment information for Alaska's public schools.

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Usually assessment tests take place in schools, but under certain circumstances they can be taken elsewhere. Search this database by school district or community to find an approved alternative testing center. Teacher Certification Database Searchable by teacher first or last name, this database will provide a list of that teacher's current certifications along with expiration dates.

This database does not list expired certifications or any personal data. Database carries this warning "This employee directory is provided as a resource to aid in conducting business with the State of Alaska. Public users are responsible for using this directory and the communications systems in an efficient, effective, ethical and lawful manner.

All email messages sent to the State of Alaska and its employees should follow the same code of conduct expected in any other form of written communication or face-to-face business communication. Specifically prohibited is the use of these publicly owned computing resources to distribute bulk email for profit or political purposes. In the future, data of all types and from many state and quasi-state agencies will be added. Allows for notification updates by RSS and email.

May be searched or browsed. Searchable fields include status, title, full text keyword , department, category, subcategory, location and date. Grant Data Reports All grants and revenue sharing funds to communities administered by this division are included in this database. Alaska Taxable Data on local government taxes and tax practices.

Map-based and keyword searching are available. Search this database by name to find out. Alaska has partnered with missingmoney. The period of record for this database is July 1, to present. Database entries includes notes of site visits, remediation methods and final disposition. Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database Database of approximately books and journal articles relating to first or early European contact with Alaska's Native peoples.

Basic search allows one to search by keyword, Alaska Native group, author and publication date. Alaska Land Records From the website, "Locate, research and verify land ownership and land use on state and federal lands within the State of Alaska.

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Access state and federal plats and survey documents. Use Recorder's Office to research private lands. Search results are Plat maps.

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Coverage goes back decades. Results show availability in University of Alaska Fairbanks Rassmuson Library, but many articles are available elsewhere or through interlibrary loan. Rich collection of media including photographs, video, and audio. Bibliographic access to over two million items system wide.

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May be searched or browsed by campus, issue date, author, subject, titles or type of resource. Searchable by headline and year for all newspapers. Juneau Empire may also be searched by reporter or abstract.

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Vital Records No identified searchable databases on this topic. Click on Find a Job to get started. Alaska State Legislature Folio Infobase Searchable database of laws, statutes, bills, executive orders and more. Attorney General Opinion database From the website, "This website generally contains attorney general opinions issued since the mid's, with some gaps from the mid's until Legislative Citations Search Keyword searchable index of commendation citations given by the Alaska State Legislature to individuals and institutions. No apparent way to sort or limit by date.

Licensing Business License Search Over , business licenses that can be searched by line of business, business or owner name, license number, city and whether license is current.

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Database is also available for download. Search results include name, certification number, level, effective date and expiration date. You can search for a company by name, prior name, NAIC number or federal identification number. Cases 1 - 10 of 5, RSS Feed View as table. Erdmann v. State of Alaska Filed: November 5, as cv Petitioner: Richard Erdmann.

Respondent: State of Alaska. Bobinski v. Koeppen et al Filed: November 5, as cv Plaintiff: Christina Bobinski. Choctaw Defense Services, Inc. Plaintiff: Choctaw Defense Services, Inc. Alexander v. Plaintiff: Gregory Alexander. United States of America v. The Alaska Freshwater Fish Inventory AFFI data sets are provided for general reference and to aid users in generating various natural resource analyses and products. Interactive mapping provides you with the ability to create custom maps by zooming in and out to an area of interest, selecting features of interest, searching for specific locations or species, and viewing detailed reports.

Alaska Seafood Recipes Searchable set of recipes utilizing salmon, halibut, crab and other Alaskan seafood. Alaska Sport Fishing Survey From the website, "The Sport Fish Division has conducted a mail survey to estimate sport fishing total harvest fish kept since and total catch fish kept plus fish released since The estimates derived from this survey are available online through this application for study years through Anadromous Waters Catalog Interactive map.

From the website, "The Catalog of Waters Important for the Spawning, Rearing or Migration of Anadromous Fishes and its associated Atlas the Catalog and Atlas, respectively currently contain over 19, streams, rivers or lakes around the state which have been specified as being important for the spawning, rearing or migration of anadromous fish. It is estimated that at least an additional 20, or more anadromous water bodies have not been identified or specified under AS The goal of this system is to provide managers, researchers, and the public involved in salmon fisheries in the AYK Region with a system to enter and process new data, as well as to retrieve historical data.

The website also includes a demonstration of extraction and reporting of subsistence and commercial harvest data for Norton Sound only. Fish Count Database The department counts the numbers of migrating fish, primarily salmon, using weirs, sonars and counting towers in a number of streams throughout Alaska. Searchable by location, species and year using drop-down menus. Information is presented in tables and graphs. There are three approaches you can use for searching these publications - The first two search through data fields in our publications database and the third will search through the text of the PDF documents themselves.

Each method offers distinct advantages - roll the cursor over each search type to find out more! Data is also available as CSV downloads.

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Records list contact information, registered agents and links to filed documents. Good way to get contact information for a business. The new version September does not allow for searching by officer name, which makes it harder to locate connections among corporations. There is a downloadable version of this database, but it doesn't contain listings of registered agents or principal officers.

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Occupational Database From the website, "ODB contains occupation and place of work information on each wage and salary worker covered by unemployment insurance employed in Alaska. About 18, Alaskan employers report wages for employees during any given quarter. Community Infrastructure Library CIL From the website, "Contains a variety of community infrastructure and project development documents for bulk fuel, energy, marine, multi-use, sanitation, washeteria, and other public services. Database is searchable by community, year, or plan type.

Search results are available via PDF document download or email notification. Community Plans Library CPL From the website, "Contains standard community planning documents including comprehensive, capital improvement, land use, strategic, transportation, vision, and other community planning documents. Alaska Case Law Service This database provides opinions and some supporting documentation for cases decided by Alaska's appellate courts since It is searchable by keyword, citation, decision date, party name, judge and opinion type and by docket number or counsel.

This service is operated by Westlaw on behalf of the Alaska Court System. Alaska Trial Court Cases Provides access to non confidential civil and criminal trial records back to about Database is searchable by personal name, business name or case number. Records include list of action dates and final disposition if case closed.

May need to click on "docket" tab to identify court. Searchable by name and location. Databases include current address and often photos of registrant. Database may be searched by name of volcano, year, image type may refer to purpose or format , words in caption, author, recent images and "keywords. Images appear to be public domain. Alaska Pesticide Registration Database All pesticides must be registered with Alaska's Dept of Environmental Conservation before being sold in the state.