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I've asked "why an 8? All he'll say is that there's nothing wrong with me or nothing unattractive about me. That makes it worse because that's nothing I can fix. He's basically saying there's some intangible thing about me that makes me mediocre. You can't say "nothing's wrong" yet rate someone an 8.

It's frustrating. Anonymous : Yes to a certain extent but it's no reason to split up! He didn't say 8 because he doesn't like you. He might rate you 12 out of 10 elsewhere WarriorOfTheLight : Thanks for trying to be helpful anyway. I want both.

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I like lots of things, I like my dog but I'm not attracted to her lol. You can't maintain a romantic relationship with lack of attraction. What do you "rate" him? Be completely honest. I want to hear this.. George : Around an 8 lol but that's different. Girls are held to a higher standard.

Stop Calling Women Hot; They're Beautiful

We're supposed to be pretty. George : It's true. Men can get away with having other qualities but women are always expected to be pretty regardless of other qualities. SarahK Send a private message. Something else to ask yourself Any decent guy is going to factor in personality to determine total package.

Would you care what your rating is there?

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If not, you should ditch the boyfriend and let him find another 8 he can value for more than her looks. SarahK : Everyone has room to improve. I think the average is , 8 being only slightly above average. It does have to do with me being or not being his physical type. There's no universal scale, it's subjective. It's his scale. Anonymous : As I said, if you want to date men who judge you solely by your looks, go find one who does.

Problem solved. Edited on December 6, at UTC by the author. All men will say that a 10 does not exist. So you are saying that he should have made you a 9. Actually he should have lied and called you a ten to him. These people really exist, top models and actresses etc. These looks are in posters and magazines. Most of the time, no? So 8 is more real, it is still beautiful.

6 Ways to Call a Guy Sexy in Spanish

My husband masturbates our relationship away and swears up and down I am a 9; That men everywhere in his terms would say I am a 9 or So, I would be perfect, no?! I am being totally an asshole right now because this rating shit has no bearing. It seriously is beyond ridiculous Stop holding on to a fucking number. It doesn't mean anything Cabernet is my friend. I like the number I feel right now from my friend, Cab;.

Idk why your mad about it. Your not perfect but that shuold be alright. Breaza Send a private message. I understand no body is perfect , but idk about men but women want to feel absolutely adored , they want to be perfect in the eyes of their partner. Congratulations he is honest, but I understand how u would be feeling. Bottom line is we all want to feel like a 10 to our SO, even though we know we're not.

Why would you want him to lie? Does he make you feel like a 10? Or is this all just really in your imagination? His is the only opinion that matters here, not other men on some random rating site. Flumoxed Send a private message. Best to beat him to it and just go blow up your life. Supervillain Send a private message. He clearly has some ideal in his head that I don't measure up to" Every woman I've ever been in love with was less attractive than someone more attractive. Didn't matter. I didn't want to be with anyone else but them despite their "flaws".

If something like this isn't good enough then do him a favor and leave. Youwillthankme Send a private message. Do you really like him, because if you seem to be having a lot of doubts. If you are willing to break up with him so quickly, then what are you doing with your life?

I'm confused You would break up with your boyfriend over how he rated you? An 8 isn't bad. It sounds like he was being honest with you. You asked the question and need to learn how to accept the answer even if you don't like it. Why walk away from him? You are going to break up with someone over a rating?

You even say you are not the most beautiful girl in the world would you rate yourself a 10? If he was not into you he would not be dating you An 8 is a very solid score and no reason to doubt his attraction for you. Quit yer b!

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Senpai Send a private message. Guess who's back, back again Americanguy1 Send a private message.

Perfectionist are you? Americanguy1 : Yes, no shame in that. Always have been. I didn't necessarily expect a 10, but 8 is just so crappy lol. Anonymous : No guy is a ten. It's either hot or not You only have yourself..

20 Things A Guy Might Mean When He Calls You ‘Beautiful’ Or ‘Cute’

Self esteem is good but reality is better.. Edited on December 10, at UTC by the author. Americanguy1 : I could be his last, it does happen. I don't know where this talk of owning him even came from.