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The most common reason is to invite them to attend a class reunion. Class reunions are usually held at five-year intervals. Then, as the class begins to age, ten year reunions become the norm. Other reasons why people need to do an alumni search include: to reconnect and catch up with old friends, to track down that old high school girlfriend or long-lost love, or to inform others of the sickness or death of someone they know.

Following are websites that provide high school, collect and university alumni information and classmate search resources.

Ever look at what your old classmates are up to and get super depressed?

Private investigators may also use these sites for related purposes such as to conduct research in missing person cases, to track down debtors and to perform a skip trace. With a people search, you can sort through billions of records to find your buddies from high school, college, or even the military. Search for someone now.

The growth in social networking sites made many of these sites obsolete.

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However, they may be of some value due to the historical data that is available in their database. Following is a list of the most popular alumni search websites. Also, we recommend using the messaging features such as discussion groups or message posting. Alumni associations receive the majority of their funding from former students. Therefore, they do a good job of maintaining their contact information.

It’s great to see old classmates-if you can recognize them

Visit their page or website to search their database. In , more than 2. The majority of those users are on Facebook, which accounts for more than 1. As a result, social media is the main way people stay in touch after they leave high school and college. To begin your search, start with this list of social media sites.

Alumni Search for Class Reunions - Find Old Classmates and Friends

Use the list as a starting point for searching for your former flames and long lost buddies. Unspoken social circles don't exist past high school, so don't let them. Do not be that person who is "stuck in high school".

And for the love of all things, if you see me, or any classmate from high school, do not pretend you do not see me. If you really don't want to talk or if you don't have the time, just give me a polite smile.

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  • That's it. Quick, easy, and painless. Everyone has a different high school experience, but you will always have a unique bond with those you went through it.

    How to approach matching with old classmates from high school?

    When you move past high school everything changes and you begin to appreciate the nostalgia a little more. Yeah, I have the feels now too. Bring it in, "Friends" style. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. At Eastern Michigan University.

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      Visiting our old school - With my old classmates

      Facebook Comments. Welcome back.