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Thank in advange. Check the instructions to know which countries will need police certs. You can delay for some months without problem. November 1, at pm. Thank you Mr Simon for your reply. Another question: Is it a good idea to submit police certificate from Cambodia now and bring police certificate from Russia later on the interview day?

Best regards. November 2, at pm. Hi Mr. Simon, I am DV winner. My case no is 5xxx. According visa bulletin number my interview schedule should be at December. Am I late? I need to call KCC or I need to wait thier email. Thank you very much. November 1, at am. I already received documents confirmed email from KCC.

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I would like to edit DS form for Education field, can I edit? If can, how can i edit for this? If I edit, interview process will delay or not? November 2, at am. Simon, Regarding my education, I did typo Bachelor of Bachelor of Arts final year and I wrote Marticulation exmination passed certificate for high school education actually I should write High School Degree in my form. I need to unlock or not for DS for this mistakes. If I edit, my interview process will delay or not? Please kindly give the instruction to me.


November 3, at am. Hi Brits I am from Cameroon so I do not know if police certificate is required from this country. Secondly, concerning the court certificate, we have but non conviction certificate to show one has never been to prison. November 3, at pm. Hi Simons! I have submitted the DS form and now am gonna submit the supporting documents via email. I have a simple question. However, our police certificate states that i have never been convicted is that enough? November 5, at pm.

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So my question is can I send the documents back to the KCC to rectify my mistake? November 6, at am. November 7, at pm. Hey Simon! When I send my documents back to the KCC do I send a message to tell them that I made a mistake on sending the non conviction certificate in the name of court record Instead of police certificate?

Or send it again in the name of police certificate? And besides I have never left my country since I was born.

Can you modify or change a document once its been scanned?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Document procedure modification. I will include the new email text below, but I will first call out some important differences. Q: Should send documents without being asked? A: NO!!!!! No one is scheduled until their case number is current. Q: I already sent the documents before this change, do I need to send again? We ask that you use the following method to name and attach your files: — Your DV case number; — The full name of the applicant whose document you scanned; and — The document name or form number. Like this: Like Loading BritSimon Author archive. October 5, DV Lottery. Previous post Next post.

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October 17, at pm Reply. BritSimon October 17, at pm Reply. Ali October 17, at pm Reply. Ali October 19, at am Reply. BritSimon October 19, at pm Reply. Grace October 18, at am Reply. BritSimon October 18, at pm Reply. Niku October 18, at pm Reply. BritSimon October 19, at am Reply.

Geral October 18, at pm Reply. Yes — you should unlock and add your spouse.

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Read the FAQ. Mututwa Mututwa October 20, at am Reply. Hi Brit, When you are already located in the US will you have to go back to your country of origin to get the police clearance..? BritSimon October 20, at pm Reply. No — usually you can apply by mail. Mustafa October 20, at am Reply. Bks October 20, at am Reply.


As long as you sent what was asked for, that should be OK. Thanks in advance. No need to translate documents in Spanish if interviewing in Spain. Rita H. October 20, at pm Reply. BritSimon October 21, at am Reply.

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You can submit the documents once resubmitted. Gudeto Kerayu October 20, at pm Reply. Hi BritSiomon, My case number is very high. Your choice. If you submit now you can renew the police cert later. Gudeto Kerayu October 21, at am Reply. Fady October 20, at pm Reply. Fady October 21, at pm Reply. Simon October 21, at pm Reply.

Hello sir I got my 2nl letter am happy for this but have a challenge more so to register appointment online, Please select the service type that fits your needs 1.

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I need to register an immigrant visa appointment 2. I am a Returning Resident outside the U. I have received a letter to register or schedule a Diversity Lottery visa appointment Warning: K Visa applicants will be required to pay a nonrefundable Visa application fee.